Copies of my resumé and references are available upon request.

Artist Statement

The reason to place pencil on paper, mouse to program, stylus to screen is because of dreams. The boundless depths of imagination is only hinted at in waking life; this is where art comes in. Dreams reflect the anxieties, hopes, images and sounds experienced during waking hours, distorted in ways both strange and intimate. It is the ideas born deep in our brains that color the world. Share with me your visions, and I will bring them to life.


  • "Brock Janson" Pikes Peak Library District, solo exhibition, Colorado Springs, CO. 2008.
  • "Brock Janson" Caladan Gallery, solo exhibition, Online. 2007.
  • "Cosmic Influence" Caladan Gallery, group exhibition, 2007.
  • "Senior Show" Cloyde Snook Gallery, group exhibition, Alamosa. 2007.