Random Characters

Some characters I've drawn to show my illustration skills.

image image image image image

Demo Reels

Above is my third demo reel, showing my latest and greatest animations! I've animated crowd shots, lots of slapstick action, dialogue and more! The clips in order come from:
"Zigga Blingz" Music Video. I did everything but the music and design for the two main characters.
"Wiggles and the Assistant". Several episodes produced by Smashbits. My role was animation and effects.
"SUP3R KONAR" gaming reenactment in animation. I did almost everything in a month's time! Not bad for a two-and-a-half minute short!

Above is a sampler of work I've done recently in the World Star Hip Hop series "Suburban". This second demo reel shows my skill at animating dialogue, designing characters and using characters made by others. As usual, most backgrounds in the video were created by me!

Above is a compilation of animations I've done in Adobe Flash/Animate.

  • We're Not Gonna Take It: College project.
  • Cyberen In: The Finale: Personal project.
  • Thinman: Commission for animation, background art and additional characters.

Other Projects

Above is a music video that I made for a rap musician. Notice the seamless use of assets created in Adobe Animate before combining and rendering in Adobe After Effects.

Above is a cool demonstration of my proficiency in Adobe After Effects. All the motion contained within was done with that program. All graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator and imported to the previous program.

Above is a silly little video I made to test my proficiency in After Effects. This demonstrates 3D movement of layers, resizing and chroma keying. The process went like this:

  1. Photoshop for getting colors
  2. Illustrator for tracing originals or making new graphics
  3. Flash for animating necessary graphics
  4. After Effects for combining graphics together
  5. Audacity for sound mix
  6. Sony Vegas for final video-sound export.

It may be ridiculous, but it shows how my mastery of multiple programs can make a polished parody video!

Above is the intro to the old website. Notice the ease at which I create, texture and rig new and original characters. It's totally cool!

A short little reference to Psychonauts, but notice the use of normal mapping, envmapping, special effects and multiple layers.

Like what you see? contact me! I can make catchy and memorable animations for you!